Open Enrollment Checklist

Checklist For Employers

1. Evaluate Grandfathered Status of Group Health Plan
2. Review Plan Documents for Required Changes to Plan Benefits
3. Analyze Tax-Favored Arrangements
4. Provide Required Notices to Employees and Dependents
5. Comply With "Pay or Play" Responsibilities
6. Satisfy Information Reporting Requirements (Forms 1094 & 1095)

Checklist For Seniors (Medicare Open Enrollment)

1. Review Your Annual Notice of Change
2. Find all of the options for your area
3. Write down a list of your medications and dosage amounts

Checklist For Individuals

1. Keep the 2023 enrollment dates in mind: November 1, 2023, to January 16, 2024.
2. Compare plans based on your family’s medical needs for the coming year.
3. Have each family member’s social security number and birth date handy.
4. Have a check, bank account or credit card ready to make the first payment. Decide on the way you’ll make ongoing payments.
5. See if you’re able to get Federal Financial Assistance to pay for a Marketplace plan. If you are, round up tax files, job and income info to apply for aid on the Health Insurance Marketplace. 6. Save your online forms so you don’t have to re-enter info if you return later to finish them.

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